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 Old Catton Medical Practice


Care Quality Commission


Most Recent Inspection – 7th December 2018

Overall Rating – GOOD




When CQC inspect GP Practices, they rate the Practice on the following five questions of service; Are services safe? Are services effective? Are services caring? Are services responsive to people’s needs? Are services well-led? In four out of five service areas, the Practice was rated GOOD.


In addition, CQC always inspect the quality of care for these six population groups; Older people, People with long term conditions, Families, children and young people, Working age people (including those recently retired and students), People whose circumstances may make them vulnerable, People experiencing poor mental health (including people with dementia). For all of these service areas, the Practice was rated GOOD.


CQC rating

A full copy of the inspection report can be read online/downloaded. A printed copy is available and can be provided by Reception on request.


Practice Statement


Our Practice had a routine CQC inspection on 29th January 2018 and we were rated on 16th March 2018.

The Practice is delighted that CQC gave us an Overall Rating of “Good” and also gave us “Good” in 10 out of 11 groups/service areas.

The Practice acknowledges and accepts CQC’s assessment that there is room for us to improve in relation to Safe working and in particular, the enhanced use of technology systems and data management in optimising care for patients.

Despite CQC’s requirement for some Safety improvements, they also state the Practice already has a good track record on Safety; we have numerous safety systems and processes in relation to safeguarding; complete appropriate staff checks; properly manage infection control; have adequate staff levels; complete appropriate staff induction and training; know how to handle emergencies; correctly manage patient records; complete approriate referral management; managing medicinces and prescribing correctly; have the required health and safety processes and risk assessments; ensure facilities and equipment is properly maintained and monitored; we record and learn from significant events and largely correctly manage issued medical safety alerts.

All staff work extremely hard under very difficult circumstances to try and help patients. Despite the pressures within the NHS and at GP Practices, everyone is committed to continuous change and improvement.

The Practice has already started working on making improvements and everyone is determined that these changes will positively help Patient outcomes as quickly as possible.

A copy of the full CQC inspection report is available to read on their website (www.cqc.org), on our website (www.oldcattonsurgery.nhs.uk) and a copy is available from Reception on request.    

The Practice would like to thank all Patients for their support and understanding.

About CQC


CQC stands for Care Quality Commission and is the regulator of health and adult social care services in England. The CQC is independent, looking after service users.


The CQC checks that patients get good, safe health and social care and ensures that Government rules are met at Doctors and other health organisations. Their aim is to drive continuous improvement, putting people first and championing their rights. They aim to act swiftly to remedy bad practice.


Our Registration

At Old Catton Medical Practice we are registered for the following regulated activities: Treatment of disease, disorder or injury; Surgical procedures; Diagnostic and screening procedures; Maternity and midwifery services and Family planning services.


Previous inspections

On 23rd September 2015 the Practice had a routine inspection. The overall rating was GOOD and in all service areas and population groups we also got a GOOD rating. A full copy of the 2015 report can be downloaded here.


At the end of February 2014, the Practice had a routine inspection and we are delighted to report that we met all the Standards that were inspected. These were Respecting and involving people who use services, Care and welfare of people who use services, Staffing and Supporting workers. A full copy of the inspection report can be seen on the CQC website or downloaded here.


More details

For more details about the CQC, their role and their standards, please contact the Practice or visit the CQC website.

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