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 Old Catton Medical Practice





We operate a telephone triage system every day.  If you feel that you need to see a doctor for an on-the-day URGENT matter, the Receptionist will take your details and will be able to either allocate an appointment with a practice nurse (if appropriate) or will arrange for help from a duty doctor. Your call will be assessed by the doctor and will result in advice being relayed to you, a telephone call from the duty doctor, or an appointment made with a Doctor or Nurse.


Allocation of urgent appointments with either a doctor or nurse, is entirely at the duty doctor's discretion and will be based on their assessment of your current condition and need. These appointments are usually 10 minutes long and are therefore designed to deal with the reason you called triage and not for secondary problems or any long term/chronic conditions; these will require a routine appointment.


The Receptionists cannot predict which on-call duty doctor will return your call as they organise their own workload. Urgent medical conditions will always take precedence over other matters and therefore the timescale in handling your enquiry will reflect the priority of the problem.

If you are calling on behalf of someone else (over 16yrs) we will need to have their consent to discuss any matters with you. Patients should therefore,where possible, ring the practice themselves.


The receptionists have been asked by Dr Anttila and Dr Rani to ask patients for details of the reason they need to be seen. This is to enable the receptionist to appriopriately direct patients to the correct clinician and the appropriate appointment.


For routine and non-urgent matters we encourage advance booking with the doctor of your choice.  These appointments book up quickly so we kindly ask that, if you are unable to keep an appointment you call the practice as soon as possible or complete the on-line cancellation form (if you are providing more than 24 hours notice) so that the appointment may be offered to another patient.


Telephone Advice - Non-urgent matters


If you think that your non-urgent problem could be resolved by talking to a doctor on the telephone, please ask a receptionist to book you a telephone appointment with the doctor of your choice. These appointments are limited in number so you may have to wait a few days before an appointment becomes available. If you would like to speak to a Nurse for advice, the receptionist will be able to take your details and send the Nurse a message who will then in turn aim to return your call later that day.

On-Line Appointments


We offer our patients the facility to manage their appointments on-line.  SystmOnline can be used to:

  • book a variety of appointments, from a aimple blood pressure check through to a routine GP appointment
  • check the time of an appointment
  • cancel an appointment
  • view dates of up to five previous appointments
  • book a same-day call back from one of the Doctors

In order to register for this on-line service patients over the age of 16 must visit the practice in person to obtain a username and temporary password from reception. Patients will need to bring with them photo id (driving licence or passport).  For patients under the age of 16, a parent or guardian may obtain a username and password on their behalf. When you log onto SystmOnline for the first time, you will be prompted to change your passed to something more memorable. Please note – we do not have access to any changed passwords, should you forget your password you must visit the practice in person for another temporary password to be issued.


If you are already registered for SystmOnline go directly to https://systmonline.tpp-uk.com/Login To find out more about the benefits of SystmOnline please see Reception or look at the SystmOnline section on this website  


At the bottom of the login section there is a useful ‘Help’ facility if you have a problem.


Home Visits


These are intended only for patients who are unable, because of their medical condition, to attend the practice.  Where possible, a home visit should be requested before 10.00am on the day of the visit.  It is possible that the duty doctor of the day will contact you by telephone prior to the visit in order to assess the urgency of the visit. Home Visits are entirely at the discretion of the duty doctor.


Failure to attend

A very significant amount of valuable clinicians time is wasted by patients failing to attend their appointments. This delays or obstructs other Patients in need from getting medical assistance and we therefore take a very dim view of such patients.


Please notify if you will be unable to attend an appointment.


If a patient fails to attend for more than one consultation in a 3-month period, it is practice policy to bring this to their attention in writing in order to avoid it happening again.


If, in spite of this, a patient repeatedly fails to attend without informing us, we will write to them and may need to assume that they no longer wish to remain on our list. We will then submit a request to the Health Authority for the patient to be removed. This gives patients 28 days to register at an alternative practice; however, we will still be able to treat the patient for any urgent matters until the 28 day limit has expired.


Help at appointments

Should you need any help at an appointment e.g. a chaperone, an interpreter, a hearing loop, a low level desk, a private area or any other general assistance, please ask a Receptionist who will be pleased to arrange the support you need.


Patients not recently seen

Patients over 16 years and under 75 years who have not seen a clinician in the previous three years may request a consultation. Patients over 75 years who have not seen a clinician in the previous twelve months may request a consultation.


Zero Tolerance

The Practice has a zero tolerance approach towards patients or visitors who are violent or abusive in any way towards our staff. We have the right to refuse treatment, remove them from our premises or report them to the police. Any person using, implying or threatening violence or abuse towards any member of staff will very likely be removed from our patient list.

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